Dr Sandeep Mane

Dr Sandeep Mane


  • Royal College (London) certified Laparoscopic Surgeon, UK
  • Royal College (London) certified Hysteroscopic Surgeon, UK
  • Special Skills in Advanced Fertility treatment
  • Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery
  • Ex - Convener, Surgical Skills Training, RCOG, London

Dr Sandeep Mane

Dr. Sandeep Mane obtained advanced fertility skills and qualified to become a Consultant in the UK. The nomination to be “The Best Professional of the Year” in the UK was the peak of his career. He was in-charge of Surgical skills training at the Royal College, London. He trained numerous doctors from all over the world. He returned to India and established the Origin International Fertility Center, which has brought happiness to numerous infertile couples. He has formed the Origin Foundation which has now started a statewide movement to improve doctor-patient relation. Honorable Minister for Medical Education, Shri Girish Mahajan has supported Dr. Mane to start the “Susanwaad Abhiyaan” from Sir JJ hospital. Over 2000 resident doctors have been trained in Communication Skills and this movement has reached all parts of Maharashtra.


26 November 1967 – Phase of Absorption

A child was born and started taking from parents, teachers, family, friends and the society - End result – A Person – Sandeep Mane


25 years later – Phase of Consolidation

The Person becomes a Doctor with the help of parents, teachers, family, patients, staff, colleagues and the society– End result – A Professional - Doctor Sandeep Mane - Director, Origin International Fertility Centre


50 years later - Phase of Donation

The Doctor becomes a Trustee – President, Origin Foundation. Time to thank everyone by giving back. Guiding youngsters, Training doctors, Serving the patients and giving back to the society.

Special Achievements of Origin Fertility Center

  • ► Awarded as Best IVF & Fertility Center in Maharashtra by Navabharat Health-care Summit & Awards 2017
  • ► Awarded as World's Greatest Brands & Leaders 2016-17-Asia & GCCProcess Reviewers -PricewaterhouseCoopers PL, Dubai, 2017
  • ► Statewide Initiative to improve Doctor - Patient relationship, 2017
  • ► “Susanwaad Abhiyaan” initiated in June 2017 with Department of Medical Education, Government of Maharashtra to give Communication Skills to resident doctors across the state.
  • ► Thane Legacy Award, 2017
  • ► ICON of Thane Award, 2012 & 2017
  • ► First Laparoscopic Cervical stitch in India, 2011
  • ► Best of the Best IVF Center, India, 2011
  • ► Best Professional of the year Award Nomination, UK, 2010
  • ► Pregnancy at 55 years age, 2010
  • ► BBC World news Coverage, 2010 & 2014